solar telecom NETWORKS

OPTICAL networks for buildilngs

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Zero Emission Networks

We create strategies to model and reduce building GHG emissions with solar telecom network solutions.

Lightspeed power lightspeed data

Combined solar, telecom and data science networks reduce building energy and emissions.

zero emission optical networks

Patent Pending

Zeon is a combination solar power and telecom network for buildings.

Zeon is an on-site building solution.


Patent Pending

BuildGraph is a containerized data science service for Zeon.

BuildGraph is an off-site building solution.

circular solar and telecom solutions

  • Zeon and BuildGraph minimize telecom material, energy and emissions waste within buildings.

  • Zeon and BuildGraph accelerate zero emission power and telecom solutions to reduce emissions.

  • Zeon and BuildGraph are adaptable plug-and-play technologies for both new and existing buildings.