Net-zero BUILDING systems

Accelerating net-zero buildings is a global challenge.

Our inventions unify cloud workflows and net-zero systems.

net-zero SOlUTIONS

Zeon and Co-Flow solutions enable a net-zero building technology platform.


Patent Pending

Zeon is a renewable optical WiFi 6 platform with graph data sciences.

Zeon is on-site building infrastructure.


Patent Pending

Co-Flow is a managed plan and photo collaboration service with graph data sciences.

Co-Flow is off-site building infrastructure.

Zeon Hypergraph

Master System Integration (MSI)

Technical Advisory and Assurance Services

Our technical consulting and data science services help integrate and measure building system performance relationships across all lifecycle phases.

We help simplify technology planning, construction, and operational systems.

silo systems are unsustainable.

  • We’re focused on innovating new ways to connect data sources to prove sustainable building value.

  • Healthy and sustainable buildings are the future of construction and resource use on our planet.

  • COVID-19 has shown that indoor air quality is key. Buildings need real-time systems to reduce risk.

  • We know that circular net-zero building systems are possible and we can prove it with data sciences.

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