Net-zero buildingS

Collaboration and integration solutions to enable net-zero buildings.

Master System Integration (MSI)

Technical Advisory and Assurance Services

Our consulting and data science services help your team to model and simplify building planning, construction, and operational technology systems.


Our solutions combine off-site and on-site systems collaboration with graph data sciences.


Patent Pending

BuildGraph is a collaborative file and photo modelling service powered by graph data sciences.

BuildGraph is off-site building infrastructure.

Zero emission optical networks

Patent Pending

Zeon is a net-zero optical and solar networking platform powered by graph data sciences.

Zeon is on-site building infrastructure.

engineering NET-ZERO systems TODAY

  • Healthy and net-zero buildings are critical to construction and resource use on our planet.

  • We’re focused on innovating new ways to connect live engineering systems and supply chain.

  • We know that net-zero solutions are optimal and we prove it with graph data sciences.