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What is Zeon?

  • Solar powered telecom networks that provide complete building wired and wireless connectivity.

  • Plug-and-play solution that accelerates installation and commissioning of sustainable systems.

  • Zeon is a zero emission on-site solution that can be upgraded over all phases of a building lifecycle.

Zeon building benefits

  • Zeon standardizes and minimizes telecom planning, material, electricity, energy and emissions.

  • Zeon standardizes and minimizes telecom installation, commissioning and construction time.

  • Zeon saves money with circular building lifecycle technology CapEx and OpEx simplification.

  • Zeon is a solar powered fiber optic network that does not require any telecom rooms in buildings.

Patent pending building solution

In August 2022, we filed a non-provisional PCT patent application:

SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR combination telecommunications and power networks